Monday, May 12, 2008

Season 2

Finally for all you people who cared to wait.

The new version of my blogs are out.

I have learnt that is better to keep blogs relevant to a particular topic. Hence,

The Friday Cook : (or The memoirs of Dr. Frankenstein if he cared to cook). A place where I can put up stuff that made it through my palate on one day of the week I cook. If I blogged about it, it means I'm still alive!

Curd-Rice Chronicles : The place where I write about the world as I see it. An extension of The Life of A KS. In case you're wondering why it's curd rice, you haven't been to South India.

An Ad Blog : Haven't thought of a name for this one yet.

Picture Blog : Inspired by a friend. Nice place, where I can track events by pictures

Let me know what y'all think!