Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Glimpse at what to expect

I have a fancy for the orderly (orderly, not elderly). Maybe it’s a good idea if I can put dwon what I plan for the articles ahead.

This blog is what I look at as my online diary. Of crazy thoughts. If you’re reading and you’re a girl, this blog is intrinsically fulfilling your voyeuristic desires. If you’re a guy, then I ask you “Why?” If you have answer to that question, GO AWAY!

This blog will have scenes from my life. I usually find that kooky thoughts always spring to attention when I look at something for sometime. I will introduce you each of these Kooky Thoughts. Maybe we can think of names for them.

It will have sparks of wit and oodles of perv. I think that’s the way the world likes world likes it these days. Look at the weighted average of time audience spend watching Shakthi Kapoor with his humor and Malaika Arora.

For some strange reason the going will get very philosophical. That is because I was born with a birth defect. Half of me thinks that I'm me.. the other half thinks I’m Neo ;)

But on a serious note, I think that these blogs are a nasty manifestation of technology. People willfully put their private parts in the public and watch everyone stare at it, up and down. Chi!

I think that should do for a small jhalak. Not Bad? Dekthe Rehna!

F, tD

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Anonymous said...

Instead of being labelled as one who's "voyeuristic desires" would be fulfilled by this blog, I'd say this is more about reading up on someone else because he chose to make himself publicly heard(and seen, if you want to put it that way).Reading this blog is more about trying to understand what dwells in the minds of inhabitants of this earth than fulfilling a national pastime.