Monday, January 29, 2007

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

There's always a lot of things I keep putting down in my secret book of Things To Do Before I Die.

However, I have this uncanny knack of losing the book every time it gets filled a few lines.

Today, I found one of those items listed at a blog . The link there actually lists how you can talk like a pirate and get away with it.

Too bad, if I had my book with me I could keep my appointment at the pearly gates!

Arrr! Shivers me timbers I tells you ! Arr!


Apocryphal Angel said...

Thanks for your comment Fuzzy... i see you liked Harshad's blog... :)
if you mean 4 or 8 as in depending upon the birthday... then i'm a '1' person (my bday is falls on 10th)
why the question though? :)

Apocryphal Angel said...

Flattered you liked my blog, Fuzzy... :)
i'm on orkut and yahoo messenger.. and you? :)