Thursday, July 26, 2007

26 on 26

That's right people!!!!!!!!

"Today the 26th of July 2007, is the day that I can proudly say that I have seen the same side of the Sun exactly 26 times."

That didn't sound too great.

"I've lived out a third of my life expectancy today! Hooray!!"

Naaah - Still haven't got it.

Note to Self - find out whats so great about today and tell yourself.
Note to Note above - get drunk or find one, your problems will be solved.
God's Note to Note above - Amen!

Usually when people come to such landmarks, they sit back, pour themselves a drink and consider what they have done so far that they are proud of. I, for a change, shall follow the crowd.

and no ... this is not an excuse for me to pour myself a drink.

I'm proud of some things.

  • My parents are proud of me. This in itself is enough to make everything else seem redundant
  • I have learnt dancing, playing the guitar, karate, swimming, dramatics, astrology, palmistry, ice skating and carnatic music all in one life time (or one third to be more precise)
  • I was chosen for the Air Force SSB at Mysore lasted the 5 days which I really consider the best days of my life
  • I have spent one half of the life I have lived in another country which has given me many things
  • I can whistle with two fingers in my mouth (very very proud moment when it happened)
  • I still love cartoons and video games
  • I'm in a job that right from the time I was born ranks fifth in the Top 10 Things I Ever Wanted to Be (for the actual list, you'll have to wait for the blog)
  • Friends come and they go, but I have nice set who have settled down into a warm relationship and looks like we'll last till the end
  • I've featured on Radio 3 times (yeah, in a call-in .. so what .. how many times have you had your voice on air

That's me at 26.

I have to, have to, have to, put down a jingle of an ad that I remember ever since I knew to understand English. I wonder how many people ever heard it. It's for a Milk powder called Nido (Nestle). It featured a boy during his graduation. His mom was in the audience, and while he walked up to get his certificate, all the boy's life flashed before her.

Looking back,

Over the years,

Your thirsting moments

sometimes full of tears

Nido makes your growing days

a golden memory

Nido makes those golden growing years

for you and me....

26 and still talking about milk powder. Pretty cooky you say?

Wait till you see my 27 blog!


sorceress insence said...

itsh your birdday wheres the party??
happy bithday darling.. hope u have a blast!

and 26 mighty years is one long life!

Zee said...

u're 26th july born? as is jonty rhodes my first crush!!! :) happy birthday

Still searching said...

Hey, belated happy birthday!

And this is a good list... damn good list.. thats a lot in 26 yrs.. and i like that u think its just 1/3rd of ur life! When i turned 27, i told the whole world half my life was over! hehee..

Superchef said...

guess who i am??!!!!

Superchef said...

which i dont intend to pay at all!!!!! :D

Parul said...

happy belated birthday..
cartoons..milk powders..videogames all are ok...
Me wondering: why not chocolates?

PS: I work for a choco company and all i think abt is getting more consumers :P