Monday, December 03, 2007

The Ducky Ad Awards - Nov 07

I have yet again instituted a new topic that might look like it's going to continue for a big series. But you will be glad to know, you're probably reading the last episode. This has happened in the past. Have no fear... the tradition shall continue.

Without further ado .. the Ducky Ad awards goes to ...
ICICI Prudential (Both the ads)

Here's the first one: (hint: Press play)

I couldn't find the second one.
But have no fear, Ol' Fuzz is here. This link takes you to the storyboard. I'll upload the video when I get it.

Both of them are brilliant pieces of work by the guys at Lowe. Why is that?

I'm in sales. You can sell many things. You can even sell sand if you wanted to. But of all the things that you can sell, selling death is the most difficult. Basically what insurance marketers are tying to tell you is "Look buddy .. you're going to die. Pay me some money now and I'll make it worth your while"

The first ad, is an ad about Life Insurance. The endearing stuff in the ad is the 'pat-comes-the-reply' banter between both of them, making a grave subject look like a slapstick routine. Not to mention that they make a very cute couple. There's also a nice kid to add some more meaning to the storyline. Plus the best line 'Sign karo' not because of what she says, but how she says it. That eyebrow! Whew! I wonder how many takes that took!

The message is clear as can be. Take Life Insurance now. Live a tension-free life.

The second ad has also got the same cute couple back. God! I wish they were married in real life as well. This stuff that you like is the two 'Hello? Itna emotional kyon ho rahi ho?' Well disguised! Hats off to the ad guys. As usual, the lady takes the sweetest line 'No Yaar..Pyaaz!'

The guy delivers the message this time. I've taken Health Insurance. Now we don't need to beg anybody for anything.

Notice that both are family situations. In both, the woman plays the role of the suggester
"Sign karo" / "Ek health insurance hi tho lena tha"

The guy plays the role of the doer. "Sign Kar dun?" / "Yeh rahe health insurance ke papers"

That's the way it is and these guys have told whoever is watching they ad, exactly what they need to do and who they need to do it with.

All I can say for the guys at ICICI Pru, the Lowe guys and the two people in the ad is ..

Jeetey Raho!

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