Saturday, December 01, 2007

Get more space on Vista

I've got a 100GB hard disk that runs Windows Vista on my laptop. I'm using about 5 GB so far. Vista tells me that I have 80GB left.

Do the math. 15GB of precious hard disk space had vanished into thin air. I was concerned. Was I victim of a virus? Was there a file/program that was hogging space as a hidden file?

I ran a virus check. Clean as a whistle. Then I had to figure a way to show hidden files. In Vista, they take simple things and complicate it ten times over and say 'New and Improved'. Tip: To view the old menu-bar to unhide files. Press and hold the Alt key when viewing the folder. Magically, you'll see it appear it again.

Added on 24/2. Quick,Temp Fix
- Goto Start > Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.
- Select "All Users"
- Click "Continue"
- Choose C:
- Select "More Options" Tab
- Click "Cleanup"
- Go back to My computer and check space. If you are still not satisfied, read below for a permanent fix

Well, I was stumped. How was this possible. Searching Google for answers proved difficult. It was tough to define my query. Finally I found what I was looking for. I first came across this site which said that you could reset your Restore point space to 1GB. By the way, the space was going because Vista allocated 15% of space to System Restore Points. But don't try this site's solution.

Go to this site and you will realise that the previous site was hastily written. The site says that you can clear all but the most recent restore point files. I did that and Bob's your uncle! I have 94GB hard disk space.

Happy! Joy!


vijit said...

Hey! This really works!
Thanks pal.

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