Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marriage Marathon 07

I call it the Holocaust of the Last Quarter of 07 (LQo07)

2007 to me will be the year when almost all my closest friends suddenly realized that they had done everything that they had resolved to do at the beginning of the year, except one item.

To get married! And from October to December did they get on with it? As I watched, one by one of the people who knew me fell (rose?) down like domino bricks. Marriage bells were ringing like one of the scenes from an Old Hindi movie where the hero suddenly stumbles into a theatre. Invitations cards kept pouring almost every other day. I'm not saying that I got invited to all of them, but there were still many, many that came in.

To all those below - I have put two words -
"Semper Fidelis"
It's the motto of the United States Marine Corps. It's Latin for "Always Faithful" ;)
and as a subtle aside (you guys are my friends after all!)
"Si fecisti nega"
If you did it, deny it!

The first one to go - Rummy. She found Ravi.
And yes, that's the madisari of a true-blue Madarasi. The deed happened at 16th September 07. Kiru and me managed to get invited for a nice saddhi lunch.

Pairing: Parents / Cupid

And then - Anand. He got engaged to Sangeetha on 21st October 07. He got engaged in Coimbatore the day I left to Mumbai.

Pairing: Cupid

Next Jo. My cousin sis from Mumbai.
She married ... him (3ps .. some help please!). That happened at 1st November 07 when I had left to Sharjah. And yes, in case you're wondering - we are a tall family. The guy guy seems to "fit" right in!

Pairing: Parents

Munch married her college-hood sweetheart Ajay in Chennai.
They got married in a mandap next to my depot, but I was away. I really felt I should have made this one. They tied the knot on 11th November 07. They're off to the US. This pics from their engagement album.

Pairing: Cupid

Empy married Anish in Jodhpur on 19th November 07.
I had no idea that it was going on all through college. Happened in a hurry. But I'm happy that she got who she wanted in the end.

Pairing : Cupid

The Banku man waited and waited and waited and finally married his college love, Vasu in Shrikakulam on 22nd November 2007. This was one of the those that I really missed going to. Another one of the Chennai gang. Good friend. After my recent visit to Chennai, it looks like I didn't lose a friend, I gained one.

Pairing: Cupid

Nope that's not Britney or Asin or whoever you think that is.
That's Lollypop getting married to my namesake in Coimbatore on the same day as Banku did it above.

Paring : Cupid (Duh!)

And, the last of the Chennai gang. Not one, but two of my closest friends decided that they had it with looking for someone, so they decided on the next best option. That's right! Ruby and Chandu married each other. They did it in Cochin on 2nd December 07. This is the first one I heard about. I'm sure Roobs won't forget my reaction in a long time.

Pairing : Cupid

Bringing up the tail-end of this slog-it-out marriage line up was the Garg. She married her school sweetheart Mrinal one day after Roobs and Chandu on 3rd December 07 in Delhi.

Pairing : Cupid

Well, there's only one thing that I can say. May this serve as a grim reminder and forewarning to those who still have survived the LQ007 Holocaust.

Cupid | Parents

7.5 | 1.5

Read that scoreline again! C'est La Vie!


Gaurav said...

hmmmmm yaar kuchh karna padega........varna qtr on qtr performance mein kuchh change nahin ho paega..... [:D] dat was some gud piece of stats done by u....

Fuzzy, the Ducky said...

Gary, are you hinting that you will deliver a part of the numbers?

And yes, they're good and extremely depressing statistics for me!