Monday, January 07, 2008

The One with the Plan - 2008

I got inspired by reading Still Searching's blog. I've never tried recording what I'd like to do in a year. I had put my Gtalk status message as 'This will be the year that I finally...'. People kept buzzing in to ask me what it was. I asked them to guess what it could be.

Hima thought this would be the year that I would start answering straight. Sagmon decided I would get married this year. Kiru .. well forget what Kiru said. Gary thought I'm "gonna get higher". I wished he meant in my career, but I think he was into his second round of "neat beer", so I dropped the wishing

What do I wish to do (not necessarily achieve) this year

- I want to get my dad's 60th birthday done well. This is a place where I want to try some creativity. Lately, I've felt that I've not been able to use it in many places

(Measurable: Ask all mom's sisters)
- I shall adopt a pet. A dog, cat, parrot, goldfish are high on my list
(Measurable: Take a look around)
- I shall finish atleast one PC game
(Measurable: Screenshot)
- I shall try to understand my sister better. In a year's time she will get married and things will change.
(Measurable: Talk to her)
- I shall learn Arabic. If not the language, the swears would do
(Measurable: All critical gaalis please)
- I shall visit one country outside the GCC
(Measurable: Immigration stamps)
- I don't want to get married this year. But this year, I'd like to meet the girl who's going to be an important participant in the process a year later.
(Measurable: Did you meet her in 2008? Did you marry her 2009?)
- I shall read and read and read
(Measurable: Book list)
- I shall continue my salsa classes. If I can't do that, then I should enroll for any dance classes
(Measurable: Didja?)
- If I can't do above, then my guitaring must improve
(Measurable: Ditto)
- I shall hope that my inventory of friends improves in quality and not quantity
(Measurable: Are they all still there? When was the last time you heard something about them from someone else that you already didn't know?
- I shall try to do random acts of kindness
(Measurable: How many smiles)
- I shall try to invest my money better and with lesser help from my dad
(Measurable: Self RoI)
- I shall stop using measurables in my resolution
(Measur ... well that's one thing taken care off!)

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Superchef said...

wow!!! u really have been blogging quite a lot lately..good for u...n some pretty decent posts out there!!!