Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sharjah Under Water

What would be the last things that you would purchase in Sharjah, a place that's bang in the middle of the desert?

a. An umbrella
b. A Raincoat
c. A Heater

Well, the correct answer is Secret Option d - All of the above.

It's been raining like crazy where in Dubai and Sharjah for 2 days now. The weather agency predicts no let-up in the rainfall for the next 2 days. I think this will turn out to be worse that Mumbai 26th July 2005. Sample these articles:

Dubai: More than 500 accidents were reported in Dubai by 10am on Tuesday, according to Dubai Police’ s Control and Command Room.

Dubai: The met office warns of heavy rainfall on Wednesday morning and has advised motorists to drive carefully as more roads will be partially submerged by the continuing deluge.
The rain in Dubai will surpass the highest recorded over the years of 81.9mm in January. Since Monday evening the skies have dumped 52mm of rain on Dubai and 34.6mm more was recorded since 4am and 1pm on Tuesday. The reason for the heavy rain is due to the low pressure system, which is parked over the emirates, and adding to that is a trough, a depression, which has accentuated the unstable weather.

Dubai: Dubai police control room received emergency calls from more than 10,000 people on Tuesday morning.The police has asked people not to call unless it’s an emergency.

Here are some pictures that I took during the day with my trustee phone.

Al-Wahda 8:30 am

A street near my house. I'm just going to work. Check out the waves. You could hang five on them! Surf's Up!!

The view outside my office 9:30 a.m.

No we do not have a swimming pool attached to our office. That's a road; at least, it used to be a road. I love the trees reflecting in the water.

The evening before the storm

They say before the worst things happen, you get to see the most beautiful things. That's what happened here.

Bad thing happened 3 p.m.

Water quietly tiptoes into our office. That's our Welcome mat. It just learnt that it could float in water.

I've seen enough! 4:00 p.m.

That's it. Pack up! Scoot! We locked down our office and headed home

Al Wahda 4:30 p.m.

Back home! That's Liberty Signal. Pretty Ironic Road sign, isn't it?

It looks like its saying, go this or that way, you're gonna get s.o.a.k.e.d. buddy!

So I was stuck in rain in the morning, had to wade through ankle-deep water to reach my bus, reached my office to find that water entered our office and godown, walked back in knee-deep water.

And they say tomorrow will be worse.


Gaurav said...

hmmmm Desert Rose can blossom in full glory now.......
The water problem solved......Now no need to go to Venice....just get the boats to Dubai's streets.....

sagarika said...

snow at baghdad.. rains in dubai...

dude..the world's coming 2 an end soon....thts wat it means !! it'll be fun though !! :)